Medical cabinets

Under the Health and Safety Regulations 1981, workplaces must have first aid provision. To satisfy a wide range of first aid equipment we have designed an attractive and highly visible range of Probe Cabinets for your working environment.

Active coat is a partner logo of probe
Protect against MRSA is a partner logo of probe
British standard is a partner logo of probe
First aid medical logo


Strong robust construction

All Cabinets feature adjustable shelves

Two point locking on all two door Cabinets

High visibility 270 degree labelling complying to BS5499-1

Reinforced doors for extra strength

Range of 7 models

Download literature

Click to download probe hazardous cabinet brochure
Probe medical cabinet standard shelves
Probe Medical Cabinet Standard Shelves
Probe medical cabinet slim
Probe Medical Cabinet Slim
Probe medical cabinet low
Probe Medical Cabinet Low
Probe medical cabinet small
Probe Medical Cabinet Small
Probe medical cabinet cube
Probe Medical Cabine Cube
Probe medical dished top for small cabinet
Probe Medical dished top for small cabinet

Probe dealer projects

All probe storage solutions are manufactured in the UK from the highest quality materials
and are available from a wide range of distributors.

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