Education Lockers – From Early Years or Pre-School to University

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Probe fire zero
Probe standard lockers
Standard lockers
Probe laptop & media charging
Laptop & media charging
Probe shockbox lockers
Probe low lockers
Low lockers
Probe buzzbox satin laminate lockers
Buzzbox satin laminate lockers
probe leasure lockers 2-4 seats for one family
Leisure lockers
probe zenbox aluminium lockers
Zenbox aluminium lockers
Probe cube and quorto lockers
Cube lockers & quartos
Probe ultrabox plastic lockers
Ultrabox plastic lockers
Probe locker accessories
Locker Accessories
Probe locks type
probe fire zero certificated

Probe dealer projects

All probe storage solutions are manufactured in the UK from the highest quality materials and are available from a nationwide network of distributors.

Probe Education Lockers

Probe Educational Lockers provide schools and a wide range of educational establishments with a wide selection of lockers and changing room equipment, including student lockers, sports lockers and cloakroom lockers.

The Probe Lockers range offers storage solutions incorporating a huge range of lockers, cupboards, hazardous cabinets, cloakroom equipment, shelving, mobile shelving, library shelving and a range of lockers and cloakroom equipment designed with schools and colleges in mind.

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