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Probe Duo shelving profile
Probe Duo Shelving Door set
Probe Duo Shelving office storage
Probe Duo Shelving 3 Sizes
Probe Duo Shelving Low Door set
Probe Mono shelving profile
Probe Mono shelving retail stock room
Probe Mono shelving parts bin
Probe Mono shelving clad x3 Sizes
Probe Mono shelving clad low door set
Probe Solo shelving profile
Probe Solo shelving storage extension
Probe Solo shelving pull out filing cradle
Probe Solo shelving clad x3 Sizes
Probe Solo shelving clad small compartments
Probe Stormor Box shelf
Probe Stormor Open shelf
Probe Stormor Pull Out shelf
Probe Stormor Pull Out Cradle
Probe Stormor Plastic drawer Unit
Probe Stormor Pull out drawer
Probe Stormor Dividers
Probe Stormor Door sets

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Probe dealer projects

All probe storage solutions are manufactured in the UK from the highest quality materials
and are available from a wide range of distributors.


This shelving system is an evolution of our best selling Mistral shelving. The shelving accessories are fully compatible, excluding door sets as the shelving heights have been optimised for efficient storage of contemporary products.


Shelves can be quickly raised or lowered by 25mm increments making this system extremely versatile.


Ikon sidewalls blend strength with appearance through innovative design and manufacture.


80kg UDL
100kg UDL
80kg UDL


Ikon offers an optional Decor End Panel to add that finishing touch to this attractive system.

Features & benefits

Suitable for clean environments due to Activecoat anti-bacterial coating
Shelves can be clipped in position for quick assembly or bolted for added strength
Quality engineered to provide a sturdy and robust shelving system
A wide range of accessories makes this a truly flexible system
A stylish and affordable shelving system

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