Specialist cabinets

The following section will guide you through this comprehensive range of specialist cabinets manufactured to the highest standards here in the UK

Probe acid cabinets
Probe acid cabinets
Probe general coshh cabinets
Probe general COSHH cabinets
Probe hazardous cabinets
Probe hazardous cabinets
Probe toxic cabinets
Probe toxic cabinets
Probe medical cabinets
Probe medical cabinets
Probe personal protection equipment cabinets
Probe PPE cabinets

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Probe dealer projects

All probe storage solutions are manufactured in the UK from the highest quality materials and are available from a wide range of distributors.

Hazardous Cabinets

COSHH Regulations demand the safe storage of hazardous items. These Cabinets isolate flammable materials and vapours from potential sources of ignition and clearly identify hazardous products in case of a fire.

Medical Cabinets

Under the Health and Safety Regulations 1981, workplaces must have first aid provision. To satisfy a wide range of first aid equipment we have designed an attractive and highly visible range of Probe Cabinets for your working environment.

Acid/Alkaline Cabinets

The storage of caustic materials needs to be controlled. These Cabinets will allow the safe storage of acids and alkalis in a range of highly visible Probe Cabinets.

Toxic Cabinets

This range of Probe Cabinets will allow Toxic materials to be clearly identified, handled and stored correctly.

PPE Cabinets

Personal Protection Equipment is mandatory in many working environments (PPE at Work Regulations 1992 Part 5). Controlling and storing your safety equipment will be more effective in a specially designed Probe PPE Cabinet.

General Cabinets

To satisfy your own particular hazard or warning we have designed a range of special Cabinets which meet high standards of storage safety. Labelling is supplied for you to personalise your particular hazard.

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