Hazardous cabinets

COSHH Regulations demand the safe storage of hazardous items. These Cabinets isolate flammable materials and vapours from potential sources of ignition and clearly identify hazardous products in case of a fire

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Robust durable construction

Reinforced doors

Removable 75mm sealedsump base tray

Supplied with adjustable 85kg (UDL) shelves

All units comply with HFL/LPG Reg 1972 Sec 5. HSE The Storage of Flammable Containers HS(G)51

Working towards many of the principals outlined in DSEAR Regs. 2002

High visibility 270 degree labelling conforming to BS5609

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Probe hazardous cabinet standard shelves
Probe Hazardous Cabinet Standard Shelves
Probe hazardous cabinet standard 8 compartment
PHazardous Cabinet Standard 8 compartment
Probe hazardous cabinet low
Probe Hazardous Cabinet Low
Probe hazardous cabinet with top
Probe Hazardous Cabinet Small
Probe hazardous dished top for small cabinet
Probe Hazardous dished top for small cabinet

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All probe storage solutions are manufactured in the UK from the highest quality materials
and are available from a wide range of distributors.

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